Serving Food “At The Bar”

This is a brief update to the Acknowledgement page in my book. I wanted to list many of the bartenders who did a great job selling food at their bars. Most on the list were from earlier times – when I was a more frequent customer in town. I recently witnessed an effort which merits a mention. I was at Chad’s in Friendship Heights during a busy happy hour at the bar when Pete Bergen caught a request which would have ruined many a bartender’s good mood. I worked with Pete briefly in Old Town but don’t get to Chad’s often in the evening.

A regular asked Pete for 2 egg white omelets with wheat toast. Pete now had to analyze the whole situation quickly: customer’s status, kitchen staffing and ability to execute this mistimed order and the current level of business. He then checked with the chef and gets the okay to proceed. About 10 minutes later the two breakfast plates arrive amidst the wings and beers already populating the bar top. Although the order annoyed me while I sat nearby, the staff and Pete in particular pulled it off without any apparent collateral damage.

To me that’s a professional bartender handing a tricky situation in a cool manner.

Chef Soper