Off Theme – Matt Williams

I’m sure no one else has noticed this – it’s not an official stat of any type. However, our Nats manager repeatedly refuses to pinch hit for the pitcher and then removes him before the pitcher completes the next inning. I’ve never heard it mentioned on TV or written in any publication I read. It shows a total lack of understanding of his pitching staff and more importantly, he does not know how to use them effectively.

Tonight was the classic example. Gio pitches 5 innings but has thrown a lot of pitches, as usual. He hits second in bottom of 5th and makes an out. In the sixth he gives up a hit to the leadoff man and then Williams removes him. I would love some stat nut to figure out Matt’s record and standing among the other managers in this obscure situation. This regularly occurs in close games, making it a big concern.

I’ve never noticed it until his first year with the team. I figured it could be some rookie confusion yet he has multiple bench, pitching and assistant coaches on staff and has become worse at this judgment.

Love to hear any comments.

Chef Soper –

Late breaking addition: So Matt Williams won’t pinch hit Tyler Moore in 6th for Gio but will have him pitch the 9th. So we have a pitcher hitting but not pitching and a hitter being used to pitch. To quote Phil Mushnick: “Nurse!”